Professional Services

Chimneys and flues

At CTB Sweeping:

We sweep all chimneys and flues. Whether you have an open fire, log burning stove or Aga, we can sweep it. We use top of the range equipment and both modern and traditional techniques when sweeping your appliance and always ensure a clean, thorough job is completed.

We specialise in rotary power sweeping as it has been proven to be four times more effective at removing soot and unwanted debris when compared to traditional manual push-and-pull methods. However sweeping method is job specific, sometimes traditional sweeping is more suitable. We have an array of different size rods, from 10mm to 25mm in diameter, to suit all residential lined or unlined flues. The sheets we use are of the highest quality nylon to ensure that all soot and debris is contained during sweeping. When sweeping we use an industrial vacuum with HEPA filtration to capture all fine dust particles and prevent them from settling in your room. We guarantee that your flue and your home will be clean when we have finished.

Occasionally, however, we may experience restrictions when sweeping, therefore we carry CCTV inspection equipment and will happily complete a full inspection of your flue if we have any concerns. Rather than sweeping blind, if we discover something wrong with your flue, we can show you on a live image screen. It may be that there is a nest, loose brick, liner deterioration, etc. CCTV removes any doubt or speculation. We will advise you of the correct course of action if we find any issues with your flue. Upon completion of sweeping we will normally perform a smoke flow test before issuing you with a job completion certificate, providing we are happy that your appliance meets all relevant safety requirements. This certificate should be filed and kept for insurance purposes.

Additional services

We supply and fit:

  • CO Detection
  • Bird Guards
  • Cowls
  • Fire rope
  • Repair fire cement