At CTB Sweeping we know you may have questions. We have included answers below for our most popular questions. However, if you can’t find the answer to your question, please get in touch.

There are several reasons why you should have your chimney swept regularly. However, three main reasons are:

  1. To avoid chimney fires. When burning wood or coal, the smoke that is created deposits as soot and soot is heavily made up of carbon. Carbon is highly flammable. The longer you use your chimney without sweeping, the increased chance you have of a chimney fire which in the worst case scenario can result in you losing your home and even your life. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen. In most cases, the smoke damage from a chimney fire will result in expensive redecorating costs which far exceed the cost of having your chimney swept.
  2. To protect your health. If a chimney is not swept regularly, there is an increased chance that the draw of exhaust gases is reduced and therefore a higher chance of carbon monoxide- amongst other gases- entering your room. Fumes from gas or solid fuel fires can cause serious damage to your health and in the worst cases, prove fatal. Having your chimney swept regularly will help ensure that your chimney is free from blockages or restrictions to allow dangerous fumes to escape safely out of the chimney.
  3. To avoid smoke damage. We have touched upon this answer in 1 & 2. If your chimney isn’t swept regularly when in frequent use soot can build up and narrow your flue, reducing draw. The smoke will not escape as quickly as intended up the chimney and will enter your room not only causing you irritation but can blacken your fireplace and room, often when you realise it’s already too late.

Depending on use and what you burn. Once, twice or even as often as four times a year in some circumstances. However, in most cases for occasional and weekend use, having your chimney swept once a year is adequate.

No, a vacuum is required during the sweep to collect fine dust particles as they fall. Brushes must be used to sweep the flue properly.

You should have your gas appliances checked and serviced regularly by a Corgi registered engineer. This should be done annually. At the time of service, the engineer will check the draw of the chimney and, if there is a problem, sweeping the chimney will almost certainly be necessary. At this point, please get in touch with CTB Sweeping.

It takes approximately 1 hour from start to finish to sweep the average chimney. If we discover restrictions, the sweep will take longer. We will use CCTV inspection equipment to confirm what the restriction is, for example; there may be a bird’s nest that will take time to remove. Upon completion we will conduct a smoke draw test.

There are many reasons why your chimney may smoke. The major causes include one or a combination of;

A blocked chimney, cold air up the chimney, downdraft, inadequate ventilation, wrong type of cowl fitted on the top of the pot, the wrong size fireplace, etc. CTB Sweeping will endeavour to provide you with the correct solutions at the time of our visit.

The answer is yes, you can, but why would you? CTB Sweeping is an insurance assured chimney sweeping company. We are members of the CSA (Chimney Sweep Academy). Upon completion of works, we issue a certificate that is recognised by all household insurance companies. If you sweep your own chimney and later have a house fire that is traced to the fireplace and chimney, your insurance is void and your insurance company will not pay out. The money you save sweeping your own chimney has now cost you thousands.

Yes. As explained in the previous question.

CTB Sweeping supplies and fits bird guards to prevent birds from nesting.

CTB Sweeping recommend that you never burn wet or unseasoned wood. The gases produced rise up your chimney stack, the moisture in the gases condenses on the inner walls of the chimney stack and sets as a hard tar, otherwise known as creosote in the trade. This, in most cases, is difficult to remove and if built up is highly flammable, which can result in a chimney fire. Burning wet wood would give little heat as well as causing more sparks to potentially fly into the room and start a room fire. You can avoid this by buying a moisture meter, this way you can reject damp wood. Ideally the moisture should be 10-20% for optimum burn and should not exceed 20%. The lower the moisture content the better. Anything higher than 20% will start leading to problems.

We are based in the village of Kenninghall on the South Norfolk border. We generally service a 30 mile radius, however, will from time to time travel further afield. Please get in touch to find out more.

Yes, we offer a large selection of cowls and can recommend the right one for you when we visit your home.

Pricing varies depending on the size of the chimney/flue, location, time to sweep due to possible restrictions and/or additional time we spend preparing the area (we recommend all customers clear the area prior to our arrival, please empty the grill of ash and remove any ornaments from your mantelpiece). However, to sweep a standard fireplace we typically charge between £40 and £60 during the main season September to March. Please add £20 for bird nest removal. This additional charge incorporates CCTV inspection. We offer discounted rates from April through to August when we are naturally quieter. Sorry, NO BIRD NEST REMOVAL FROM APRIL TO AUGUST R.S.P.B.

We will confirm the cost of sweep when we attend your home prior to commencing work and, with your approval, we will then start sweeping.

Yes, if you require multiple sweeps from CTB Sweeping, we offer financial incentives and reward our customers by discounting our standard rate to thank you for your support and loyalty. To qualify for this discount:

  1. Multiple chimneys or flues to sweep.
  2. Make a booking with a friend or family member that also needs a sweep. Unlike the majority of our competitors, we offer discounts to multiple properties providing work is booked together. Contact details for both customers should be sent via email to service@ctbsweeping.co.uk. To qualify for the discount, please provide both customers’ names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. We will then contact each of you to arrange a date for work.

Please get in touch if you have any other questions.